Pinning a product on Pinterest

Pinning a product on Pinterest

I’ve been using Pinterest to promote my jewellery and thought it was worth mentioning how simple it is to upload an item to the ‘Gift’ section of Pinterest. To do this:

1. Put the price with the £ or $ sign into the description.


Really easy stuff. Link back to the site where the item is for sale and make sure you have a great picture. It’s important also to get the category and tagging right and add an accurate and helpful description.

Happy pinning folk!

Hay! Wye no wifi? @HayFestival

Last week I took a couple of days out to visit the 25th wonderful wet Hay literary festival with my Dad. We had a great mid-week jaunt running around bookshops and watching curious lectures by Bettany Hughes, Kate Humble, Nicholas Parsons and Terry Pratchett among others.

Hay can almost sell itself, there’s so much new information to tweet and all the brightly coloured displays to instagram, but the town seems so anti-technology. Sometimes by accident and sometimes entirely on purpose!

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Freelance Tip: Get on


The point of this blog is to share information that I discover about the freelancing and social media marketing. So here’s a top tip: sign up to It does cost £40 to be listed but they claim that you’ll get your money back with your first commission and that was certainly true in my case. 

The link above links back to my ‘Freelancer of the Fortnight’ profile which they asked me to fill in. It may take a couple of months to get it published but it’s certainly worth responding for the free publicity. 

Go check it out and get on it freelancers!


Rory Cellan-Jones: Living on mobile money

Rory Cellan-Jones: Living on mobile money

Technology correspondant Cellan-Jones, also known as @ruskin147 spoke on BBC News this morning talking about trialling mobile money apps. He’s found lots of problems the industry needs to iron out. For example:

  • It could become so easy to pay for things that you forget about the money.
  • So much security it’s too time-consuming to be convenient.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • You need to spend more than £5 if it’s via debit card.
  • Pay-by-text seems slow.

Check out his blog post to find out more.

Listen to: The Digital Human with @aleksk and @daveowhite

On Monday I caught the first episode of The Digital Human presented by tech journalist Aleks Krotoski. The seven-part series explores how technology has affected our lives and looks at how new tools and gadgets have affected our behaviour. Continue reading

Inspiration: Look to your youngers with @RookieMag

There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love”- Sophia Loren

Rookie magazine website is edited by the IT girl of 2009 Tavi Gevinson. Previously known for her eclectic sense of style and being invited to grace catwalk shows at the grand old age of 13, Tavi has now turned her hand to writing and is doing a remarkable job of hitting the nail of the head of teen-girl needs.

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13 things I learnt from WIRED

I’ve been reading the UK and US versions of WIRED on and off for the last few years both online and offline. Last week I bought a pile of the last years magazine copies from my local market to have a browse through. There’s so many insights in there that I just had to share them with you.

1. was once named ‘Pleasure Cards’, but didn’t find success with their business cards until they rebranded. (May 2011)

2. The Wonga concept was formed from data collected from a site called SameDayCash. (June 2011)

3. Artec make scanners that turn objects into 3D models, a tool used by archaeologists and lingerie designers. (October 2011)

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Why don’t online bookstores have ‘real’ shops? #worldbooknight

Last week I was listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast ‘Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi’. As is often the case when listening to someone else muse about writing he gave me a few ideas that I wanted to share. My first is on the changing world of book selling.

Here are a couple of quotes that sparked me off…

Discussing the relative successes of the print and online channels

(Around 27mins in)

Joe Pulizzi: “There’s nothing wrong with the print channel, the problem is that advertising won’t support it.”

Mitch Joel: “I believe we’re in media purgatory now…There are moments, like yesterday, where I’m walking through the airport and I go into a bookstore and I buy three books on my kindle app while I’m standing in front of the physical copy of the book…Exponentially it doesn’t look as good for print as it does for mobile” Continue reading