Everyone loves a list article. This is the third in my series for wanna-be authors. You may find some names repeated but they’re all fantastic so I keep close track of their blogs so that you won’t miss the best articles (articles for social media marketers have ***)

1. 25 ways to blow a book by K.M Weiland

“There are only so many ways to do things right in creating a book. But there’s an infinitum of ways to mess it up. Nothing we—or the brilliant likes of the bestsellers—write completely escapes every mistake and pitfall. But some of those mistakes are more costly than others.”

I loved number 22…

Don’t “Let your climax peter off instead of slam-banging.”

2. 25 reasons why this is the best time to be a storyteller by Chuck Wendig

I can’t really recommend this blog enough, firstly the titles explain themselves, secondly Chuck tells it as it is, and thirdly his articles are so original. My favourite is reason 18

“Social media isn’t just a hive-mind. It’s the water-cooler.”

3. Go With the Flow: Finding Balance Among Opposites in the Creative Process by Carole Jane Treggett

“A few months ago while I was participating in a monthly 10K writing day with Milli Thornton et al over at Fear of Writing blog, I decided to experiment with a recommended technique I read about earlier that day for sneaking past the infernal editor, hoping to enter what is commonly known by creatives as the flow state.”

Treggett explores an interesting way to get over the fear of a white screen…

“I was relieved to be shielded from the mocking blank screen before me and its evil accomplice, that stationary blinking cursor”

4. 25 things you should know about writing fantasy by Chuck Wendig

“European Medievality (not a word) is the meat-and-potatoes of the fantasy genre. And I think we can do better than meat-and-potatoes.”

5. *** 4 Helpful Tips For Finding A Really Great Mentor by Ollin Morales

“One of the more valuable lessons I learned from my experience with Cherrie was that you can’t possibly grow as a person without the loving guidance of someone who has walked a similar path as you–and has succeeded.”

Now, read my last post for writers:

5 Posts about writing you shouldn’t miss (part two)

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