On Monday I caught the first episode of The Digital Human presented by tech journalist Aleks Krotoski. The seven-part series explores how technology has affected our lives and looks at how new tools and gadgets have affected our behaviour.

In the first episode (click to listen),  the programme looks at photography and how technology has changed our human ritual for recording events. Aleks discusses the effect of photography on memories which is fascinating but I found the discussion about self-curation and Dave White’s idea that photographic technologies have made us all celebrities within our social networks is particularly fascinating:

“I think one of the effects that this has, especially on people who are highly resident online, they start to become almost like micro-celebrities…your image is likely to be in front of people that you don’t have two way conversations with…once that image is in front of more than 80 people then I think you move from this conversational, sharing mode with the images and you move into this broadcasting mode, so you’re broadcasting your persona, broadcasting your image. I think at that point we move from the are of friendship and aquaintance or kinship and we move more into the area of celebrity…[celebrity] it’s about individuals whose image is broadcast beyond their normal networks”   –Dave White (wrote out the transcript myself so please excuse any mistakes).

I’d highly recommend this series and am looking forward to the next edition. Stick it on your iPod or catch it on Monday’s at 16:30 on Radio 4.

What are you listening to? What do you think of the podcast? Let me know below…

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