I’ve been reading the UK and US versions of WIRED on and off for the last few years both online and offline. Last week I bought a pile of the last years magazine copies from my local market to have a browse through. There’s so many insights in there that I just had to share them with you.

1. Moo.com was once named ‘Pleasure Cards’, but didn’t find success with their business cards until they rebranded. (May 2011)

2. The Wonga concept was formed from data collected from a site called SameDayCash. (June 2011)

3. Artec make scanners that turn objects into 3D models, a tool used by archaeologists and lingerie designers. (October 2011)

4. A cloud-based firm could save millions by avoiding hard-ware upgrades. (October 2011)

5. Matthew Herbert created an album entirely based on sounds created by pigs and people eating pigs. (October 2011)

6. Apple computers have a mechanism to permanently delete files. (October 2011)

7. The word ‘Jenga‘ comes from the Swahili word for “to build”. (July 2011)

8. Sex.com sold for $85 million. (July 2011)

9. Ekso Bionics are developing a cybernetic exoskeleton to help paraplegics. (February 2012)

10. Men work 30mins more and play 30mins less on rainy days. (January 2012)

11. 83% of the Uk population is predicted to be obese by 2020. (January 2012)

12. If you Google Heidi Klum you’re 9.17% likely to land on a malware site. (January 2012)

13. You can mail order a jelly fish. (February 2012)

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