A year ago I wrote a post called 5 more handy pdf downloads from my desktop, which has proved to be one of my most popular posts yet. So as you loved it so much I thought I’d return to the series with a new collection of files I’ve downloaded since. Be warned though, this one is heavily influenced by the recent financial services research I’ve been doing…

1. FREE! Future of customer service: The rise of the social customer

A report from ItsOpen and first direct. Well worth a read for facts like this,

“a survey by Useful Social Media suggests that 55% of customers expect a response the same day (yet only 29% receive one)”

I’ve seen other stats saying similar, even down to a twenty-minute response time. Cripes!

2. FREE! Travel & Tourism Economic Impact Report for the UK 

Some interesting statistics I recently mined for a piece. I’ve sent you to the main page so if you’re not looking for data from the UK you can look up the economic report for other areas. Reckon this one will be particularly useful for those summer articles.

3. FREE! Tax deadlines for tax agents 2011-2012

Boring but important for any tax writers or finance experts.

4. FREE! Recruitment retention and turnover

Some really interesting employment facts from the CIPD.

Their surveys found that…

“The key reasons for recruitment difficulties were a lack of necessary specialist skills (65%), followed by higher pay expectations (46%) and insufficient experience (37%).”

Could give you some vital info on how to impress a company.

5. FREE! UK Insurance: Key Facts

If you’re writing a piece on the insurance industry this key piece from the ABI is where to start.

Did you know that the industry employs around 290,000 people in the UK alone? Don’t rely on me, check out the facts!

I also downloaded lots of sections of the March budget, a pdf of an origami rose, facts about giving to charity, talent retention strategies and loads of press releases. 

What have you been downloading recently? I’d love to know below…

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