At the moment inspiration is all about the new social media A-lister Pinterest (just waiting for the ‘Pinterest is dead’ articles).  One of their suggestions for new users is to create a pin-board ‘For the home’ and looking to move in with my ‘other half’ I’ve done just that.

My ‘For the home’ board

I also tag items I like on weheartit which is much more for the teen audience rather than crafters (like Pinterest appears to be). 

NOTE: Be careful when attaching your social networks to bookmarking sites or you may start letting everyone you know how much you love the sparkly Unicorn picture you’ve just tagged! 

As this is a fun post I’ve inserted the weirdest cartoon ever ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ (should point out that my housemates made Candy Mountain for my birthday this year). 

Back to reality…

But as inspiring as these boards, so much content of the content on them gets recycled and there are plenty of great blogs out there that us house hunter/decorators should check out in order to discover our own muses. In a change from our usual programming (i.e. social media/finance) I wanted to share a few of my favourites:

Design Sponge | MakezineDesign WeekApartment Therapy | Laura AshleyEtsy | The Yellow Umbrella | Behance | Uncrate | abeautifulmess | IKEAHackers | Mollie Makes

Find more inspirational blogs on the fab Delightful Blogs site.

Here’s something I made for my new house last week. The goaty/flowery/mountainous fabric’s from IKEA, fab!

Anyone want to share any of their own makes or inspirational sites? 

More recent articles on Pinterest:

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