As it’s coming towards the end of the month I wanted to round up some of the fantastic articles that have been coming out over the last few weeks from my favourite blogs that relate to social media and finance. Many of these have been shared through my Twitter account but it’s worth having a summary.

If you’ve written something super yourself feel free to post it in the comments and I’ll have a read. If you’re the author of one of these articles I’d love to get in touch so please feel free to add me on LinkedIn or send me a message. 

1. Axa launches debut integrated campaign

by Sarah Shearman of Marketing magazine, 1/2/12

2. Mobile money- has it’s moment come?

by Rory-Cellan Jones for the BBC, 16/2/12

3. 5 social media misconceptions (and opportunities) in financial services

by Ed Thompson of Fresh Networks, 17/2/12

4. Brand barometer: High street banks, which is most prominent on the web?

by Gemma Charles of Marketing magazine, 17/2/12

5. First Direct seeks customer dialogue with relaunched site

by Alex Brownsell of Marketing magazine, 20/2/12

6. Should financial institutions show an interest in Pinterest?

by Ron Shevlin for The Financial Brand, 22/2/12

7. 3 ways retail banks could get more benefit from social media

by Ed Thompson of Fresh Networks, 22/2/12

8. Barclays Pingit app attracts 120,000 downloads in five days

by Sarah Shearman of Marketing magazine, 22/2/12

9. Is your website a dinosaur?

by Andrew Klausner of Forbes, 23/2/12

10. Confessions of a social media skeptic

Anon letter to The Financial Brand, 24/2/12

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  1. […] Thomson Reuters’ announcement of sentiment analytics / scoring services (using Moreover Technologies platform) for trading and investment strategies proves that social media intelligence can be used for more than Super Bowl and Presidential election predictions.  April Rudin for HuffPo is calling LinkedIn the “entry way” for finance professionals to social media.  (We agree, but the extended metaphor still gave us the giggles.)  We also enjoyed Charlotte Clark’s social media for finance round-up. […]

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