Inspired by the lovely snow-day we’re having!

  1. Freelancers work their hours whatever the weather.
  2. Meetings are more fun in person (because you probably don’t see them every day) and you can meet through Skype/video conferencing.
  3. They have more focus, no chatty Charlie’s to distract them.
  4. Office politics are not an issue.
  5. They are less stressed (no travel issues/more time with family/can have fluffy pets around)
  6. Not affected by train or transport issues like staff who commute.
  7. They are more rounded individuals (more time to try new activities in the evenings).
  8. They’re flexible. If you have a problem, see if they can solve it.
  9. Freelancer’s are dedicated. They’ll promote their own work whether it’s on your website of there’s and they’re not afraid to work hard to get results.
  10. Suit most budgets. As long as you’re not taking the ‘Mick’ you’ll find someone out there who will suit you and your project.

Got any more reasons why working from home is great, or why it isn’t? Leave them below.

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