Firstly, Happy New Year! There’s lots been going on in my world as I’m sure there has been in yours, many of you will notice the changes on my LinkedIn profile, having decided to leave my last position I’m now looking for new freelance projects.

Secondly, I’m happy to say that my blog post about social media newsrooms was picked up by none other than the fab people at First Direct, great that they’re listening to the blogosphere. They’ve been working on a new version of their newsroom.

Later I asked PR Manager Amanda Brown to comment on what a social media newsrooms mean for them and the changes they are making, which we should see in the next few weeks, here’s what she said:

“Whilst helping us to generate increased traditional press coverage, the focus of the social media newsroom has always been to have it act as the communications mouthpiece for first direct online. So, this means having a place where we can talk about things that we wouldn’t always put in a press release, but that would be of interest to people or groups with specific niche interests. 

We realised that we needed to meet these people’s needs – the types of content and how they’re able to access and use it. With platforms, channels and content constantly changing, this feedback loop needs to be constant. So, we reached out to bloggers and journalists from across a broad spectrum; traditional personal finance to savvy marketing bloggers, to gauge their thoughts and seek input on both the content and functionality of the newsroom. 

For us, it’s a simple process – understand the needs of these key groups and then refine our offering accordingly, in order to help us build and sustain better relationships.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing the changes they make.

Let me know what you’re all up to in the comments below.

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