Last week Facebook released a new wave of changes that takes them another step away from Google’s latest offering Google Plus. This new release (currently only available to developers or read this onetoomanymornings post) changes the whole look of the personal profile.

Here are four ideas on how it might affect business pages in the future.


Facebook’s new Timeline feature is modular and is a little more flexible than their previous design. The modularity reminds me of MySpace in a way (not necessarily good) and I wonder if it will prove easy-to-use for users than have become accustomed to a very basic layout. It could be helpful for businesses who want to present lots of different aspects of their brand at once. I do however, wonder how the applications and widgets designed for these pages will appear. Big changes will need to be made, especially as so many brands have made large investments into their pages over the last year.


The actual timeline itself allows you to look back at past posts. A feature that (if rolled into business pages) could be helpful for journalists and PRs. Of course this is a difficult area for businesses as many don’t want old posts to appear for branding reasons. Sometimes things change or PR issues occur which are better left forgotten.


The usual profile image has been made smaller but a larger Timeline banner-style image (known as the ‘cover’), has been added behind. Imagining business pages will look incredibly similar, this could be great for brands who can use both their brand logo and perhaps use the banner image to advertise products.


The advertising seems to be less prominent on the new Timeline profiles, and definitely interferes less with your personal details. This could be a big issue for brands whose adverts might be overlooked more often. I wonder how adverts will render in feeds.

What I’d like to see from Facebook…

  • Brands being able to ‘skin’ their pages like on Twitter. This will better set businesses apart.
  • Better advert placements both for users and businesses.
  • Early access to new business pages for brands. We need to know what’s going on.

There’s probably a lot I’ve missed having just launched it, so would love to hear anyone elses thoughts, post below…

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