I thought it might be interesting just to record some of my findings from my Facebook and LinkedIn advertising. I’ve not tried Twitter yet but I’d like to. We committed a small budget to the advertising just to test what the reaction would be to help with planning for 2012.

Here’s a quick summary of my key learnings (of course this may all vary for you):

  • Facebook niche advertising works better with some products than others.
  • LinkedIn niche advertising to users in specific business roles doesn’t always seem to produce results.
  • A/B testing titles, text and images is very important, you might be surprised at what switches people on.
  • Plan the whole campaign before-hand even if you deviate from it, and keep a record of what works.
  • Using holidays when people are online more can increase your click-to-like rate on Facebook.
  • You can quanitfy a like in terms of cost per campaign but that doesn’t necessarily equate to value of the ‘like’.
  • People on LinkedIn are interested in content more than product and the prefer video content to infographics and guides.
  • You need to invest quite a bit in one campaign to see results that can be analysed.
  • Sometimes social advertising campaigns have more effect over time rather than requiring a large investment all at once.
  • It’s important to tag links to double-check the statistics.
  • Advertising strategy will vary depending on your overall campaigns.
  • Vary the audience depending on the specific content to get better click-to-‘like’ results.
    • i.e. New cake recipe on the blog, find people who like cake-making, cupcakes etc.  not just cooking.

…and to give you an idea of how much a ‘like’ could cost. Mine were in the region of £3.50 per head.

How do I hope to translate that into ROI?

  • Higher number of people engaging with our content, whether on Facebook or the main site.
  • Greater brand awareness.
  • An increase in brand trust, showing our knowledge in the field.
  • More new visitors.
  • Leads originating from social links.

Has anyone else had any experience with social media advertising?


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  1. Hi Charlotte

    Interesting post with some very good insights.

    I’ve not done any social advertising for either me or the companies I have worked for although it is definitely on the horizon and hence why I found your post useful.

    I thought your findings that LinkedIn users prefer video content to infographics and guides and that social advertising is more of a long-term time investment (as opposed to Google AdWords where you target what people are searching rather than the people themselves) were particularly useful and I will take on board if and when I begin a social marketing campaign.

    Thanks again for your help!


  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Thank you! 🙂

    If you ever have a go Gavin be sure to let me know. I think people hide the results of advertising campaigns far to often. Sharing information helps us all improve!

  3. I will do, definitely. I agree completely that it’s good to share data and information (as long as it’s not confidential etc).

    You’re insights are very useful and it’s good to see you leading the way!

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