Social media manager is still a relatively new role within traditional businesses. An article published this week stated that:

“69% of UK businesses plan to appoint, or have appointed a dedicated social media strategist to boost the business’ online profile. “

-Max Clarke, Fresh Business Thinking

Which got me thinking. Lots of people want to get into this industry, but do they really know what skills they require to survive it?

Of course SMM isn’t like ‘Policeman’ there’s no definition of what you should be doing though everyone has their opinions. Having worked in this industry for a little while I think I can put together skills that help. Don’t go in naively thinking that all you’ll have to do is sit on Facebook all day, (though you probably will at some point) it’s individual almost odd-job skills that will make you an excellent hire and help set your company apart from the crowd. Here’s what I think helps (add your own in the comments):

  1. If you're a Transformer that helps (Photo by Amy Davies)


  2. Press release writing
  3. InDesign and Photoshop skills
  4. HTML coding
  5. Know how to use content management systems
  6. An understanding of media law
  7. Product knowledge in your specific area
  8. Traditional marketing basics
  9. Basic psychology of the buying process
  10. Report writing
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Drawing and design skills
  13. Content distribution
  14. Print advertising
  15. Conference calls
  16. Presenting a business case
  17. Proving the return on investment
  18. Tracking results and understanding them
  19. Interview skills
  20. Setting up accounts
  21. Paying for products
  22. Sub-editing
  23. General understanding of compliance
  24. Following projects through to completion
  25. App design and production
  26. Keeping up with news and trends
  27. Knowledge of calender events
  28. Able to use Excel/Word/Powerpoint
  29. Proficient on both PCs and Macs
  30. Invoicing
  31. Creating templates
  32. Automating some communications
  33. Email campaigns
  34. Liasing with media companies
  35. Writing scripts
  36. Filming and presenting videos
  37. Managing agencies
  38. Recording and uploading audio
  39. Taking reasonable photographs
  40. Communicating with customers
  41. Understanding a customer’s needs
  42. Creating polls
  43. Creating competitions and promotions
  44. Understanding of SEO and PPC
  45. Vox pops
  46. Representing your business at functions
  47. Attending meetups outside of work
  48. Filling in forms
  49. Forum etiquette
  50. Contacting bloggers

(If you want advice on any of these skills above just let me know and I’ll do everything in my power to help)

6 responses »

  1. Mary Chaney says:

    Excellent post Charlotte!
    Great to see that you have highlighted the fact that working in ‘social media’ is about more than just being on Facebook all day!

  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    If someone shared one of my links every time I heard that I’d probably be friends with Steve Jobs ;0)

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  6. Arni says:

    Thanks for sharing. I found this very useful especially during the time when I was still drafting the job description and skills requirement for social media manager.

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