As a keen (although not fantastic) climber I follow several climbing-related account on Twitter. I love seeing the odd snippet of information about the conditions at my favourite crags, offers on gear, or even simply an individual’s triumph on the rock.

One of the individuals I follow is John from First Mountains (providers of outdoor climbing courses). Whether in the office or at the crag, John uses social media daily to connect with climbers and wannabes. I asked him about how he uses social media to better his business.

1. Which social media channels do you use and which channel is your favourite?

Twitter, Facebook and now on Vimeo (very recently).

Twitter is my current favorite interaction is quicker and it is as more about listening and learning from what others have to say rather than shouting about what I’m doing.”

2. What are the benefits of using social media to promote your climbing courses business?

“It doesn’t cost the same as running physical printed adverts and its better for the environment. We can promote different things depending on what’s going on in the world and we can easily talk about what we have just done or what we are about to do!

Being a small business we are quick to respond to things be it a sudden increase in rescue call outs or a fine spell of good weather. We also get to communicate directly with our customers often learning new things for ourselves as we go!”

3. Do climbers have time for tweeting in between routes?

“More and more climbers are linked in to some sort of social media usually Facebook and UK Climbing but I think most like to leave their computers behind when their out climbing.

With it being work related I quite often tweet from the crag or if I’m out bouldering on my own. After all it’s a productive rest between trys. I never tweet or use techy gadgets whilst instructing as I appreciate we all enjoy turning of the world and escaping to the outdoors, I do however blog about them after they have happened!”

4. Where do you find the majority of your followers and who are they?

“Most of my followers seem to have found me! Which is cool, I try to tweet and post blog articles fairly regularly, and I think this attracts people. I’m currently developing more content for the website which will make it more interesting for people to come and visit, and maybe they can learn a few things at the same time.”

5. UKC is such a big force in the British climbing online scene, are you a member?

“Yes, but I’m not so actively involved. Although many climbers hang out here it’s is a forum and I understand the value of an opinion but don’t alway want to be labeled with it.  We are listed in the classified and we have explored the possibility of upgrading to a premier classified.”

Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo


For those of you that love climbing too…

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  2. MET Office weather
  3. Ordnance Survey

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