My links list has been growing (look in the side-bar) and I thought I’d just briefly share a little financial services news. Add comments below to any articles you’ve found interesting lately.


1. Analyst Speak: Financial service providers failing to serve a keen social audience

Adele Gritten of YouGov presents some statistics about consumer attitudes towards social media and financial services. They’re also tracking social media trends and offering it on subscription to customers (YouGov website)


  • Social networks are important for keeping up with financial news for 17% of the YouGov panel.

2. How should financial brands use social media

On the fantastic econsultancy blog, Matt Rhodes of Fresh Networks discusses the social media issues faced by financial corporations and highlights four ways they can engage. He also talks about Morgan Stanley’s expansion into social (find out more here in the FT).

More from Fresh Networks:

3. The commuicator’s guide to FTSE 100 social media use

This guide gives some fantastic insights into some of the UK’s top companies. From my perspective it’s fascinating to see an analysis of Aviva’s social media presence, they’re doing fantastically on Facebook in-particular. Love their style, and their progress is shown by the sentiment analysis.

Cool fact:

  • Aviva’s ratio of positive to negative mentions is 8:1  (Beaten only by Burberry 13:1)

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