This is a bit of a step back in time but I thought I’d just go through a few notes from a presentation I saw at Internet World this year. Unfortunately the venue was packed so I didn’t get round much but I thought this was very interesting.


Discovering the Online Customer: Adapting user experience methodologies to find out who the ASDA online customer really is


Guy Redwood (@Eyetracking and Simple Usability), Susie Spencer

Interesting points

  • ASDA found a Tesco worker that preferred to shop with them because of the savings (despite her work dicount)
  • Customers wanted products for a budget and liked the convenience of online shopping
  • The person delivering the food is an important part of the service and can influence return business

Key learnings

  • Creating customer profiles through geo-demographic profiling is no use day-to-day
  • You can’t impose categories on your customers
  • Use eye tracking software to see your site through your customer’s eyes
  • Interview live customers over the phone and face-to-face
  • Add detail to discussions by filming people in their normal habitat
  • Create a database of clips and information for use by staff
  • Create training DVDs for new staff with these insights
  • Use as large a sample size as possible
  • Consider the difference in behaviours from people who buy offline
  • Consider the impact of holidays and national events on profiling

More information

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