Recently my browser’s been a-buzzing with fabulous flash-based sites, (sorry if I broke the internet for you). I’ve been looking into a variety of social media tools that explore your relationship with your followers and power as an influencer. So I thought I’d do a quick round-up.

Peer Index

Awards you a score for the three As; Activity, Authority and Audience. Also looks at which topic areas you discuss, who you talk to, who ReTweets you, who you ReTweet and who speaks to you most.

Quicky Review:

Looks like a good tool to review the activity of your followers but I already know what I talk about so I don’t think that’s particularly helpful. Could be laid out slightly nicer.


Probably the most well-known tool. The new version points out your amplication probability, true reach and network influence giving you an overall score. They’re also now offering user perks but I’m not sure whether your social standing will entitle you to more goodies.  

Quicky Review:

Klout has improved significantly over the past year or so. I like the way you can see the changes in your account over time, though I can’t imagine that many of those people who are interested see a decrease in this.

The Times Social List

Rate your social prowess with results in a nice little infographic. Connect it up with your Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/LinkedIn. Your results are compared to those who have used it within your network and worldwide users.

 Quicky Review:

It strikes me that this tool is a bit of a marketing ploy from The Times, but it’s certainly the prettiest of the three, although it’s interesting to see where you’re placed within the system it’s not particularly helpful work-wise.  

I work in social media, how can I use these sites?

  • Use it as a new way to analyse and improve your social networking behaviour
  • Look at other people you are connected to
  • Analyse people within your brand’s network
  • Promote you own social profile by advertising your self-worth (add it to you LinkedIn details, your CV, business-cards or just boast to your mates)
  • Prove the increasing social wealth of your brand to your colleagues

Other stuff to check out…

LinkedIn Connection Timeline

I spotted this on a US trends website and wondered why I hadn’t spotted it over here yet. This tool, designed by Gordon Koo, plots your LinkedIn connections on a moving timeline. For those with lots of connections, and who have been using the site since conception, the site will be a data-graphic-display-junkies dream (for want of a better term). It works better on Firefox rather than IE, or as they put it “a modern browser”.

Bing Social

Now, as a rule I prefer Google for search capabilities, and find their results more accurate but the under-dog/rival Bing have been up to some lovely stuff when it comes to social. As part of my job this week I did a little research into the onomatopoeically-named search engine to see what’s what. Here’s a round-up:

  • Bing’s search connection to Facebook is well-known. But now the two have connected in a new way, their ‘Facebook friends’ connection is the rival to Google’s newly rolled out +1 service.
  • Hottest social topics tool-bar within a time-frame Top shared links Twitter maps? In collaboration with Multimap (but I couldn’t seem to access this).
  • Recent public social updates shown in search.
  • Bing has its own social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Shared shopping lists etc.
  • Integration of social messages from brands i.e. the latest deals Product/ page recommendations from friends.
  • Option to send messages to friends through search results? (So says Wikipedia but not managed to use this myself).

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