Hello peeps!
After my hiatus I’m back. For the last few weeks I’ve been climbing/writing/ starting a new job and doing everything except posting on my poor little blog. So getting back into this swing of things, here are 3 things I plan to do more of and you can join in too. 

It's important to see the bigger picture

On my way up

1. Read more

Whether it’s blogs, books or magazines I’ve spent several years, post-uni, getting out of the habit of reading properly. Now with my new iPad (I know I’m a huge show-off) and it’s kindle application I’m finding reading a heck of a lot easier. I’ve given up reading the usual daily newspapers, which I find makes me far more relaxed (do you want to spend your commute reading about popstars and death?), the journeys fly by and also you can glean a lot of different ideas by picking up something you wouldn’t usually read. So get a book and stick it in your man/lady bag!

  • Having recently finished it I would highly recommend reading The Crimson Petal and The White by Michel Faber, which is a naughty and curious period tale about prostitutes (to sum it up in a word), recently made into a series on the BBC.
  • If you can find time in your day to read a blog, make it Mitch Joel’s marketing blog or listen to his podcasts, they’re excellent and I MUST find more time for them.
  • Check out a new magazine. If you’re into crafts like me, Future recently released Mollie Makes, which can be downloaded but you’ll miss out on the free gifts! :-O Also, if you set up a direct debit at the moment, you can get three issues for £5, tasty!

Sticking out one's bum when climbing is essential!

2. Climb harder

I say climb, but what I really mean is take part in some kind of sport. My climbing (however pants I am at it) allows me to stretch my body and mind to its limits while still being safe and gives me the opportunity to sit in a field of an evening with some fantastic people and enjoy a drink or two. But seriously, even if you hated sports at school why not try it now. I enjoy going to gym and climbing but I used to detest PE. I recently signed up for an event (more information coming soon) that will give me a target to aim for, and a reason to go to the gym. I was also recommended a fantastic app to help with my running:

Check it out it’s fab!

3. Work smarter

Me being a leader on rock

We spend so much of our lives there but most of us don’t even like our jobs. Recently I’ve taken inspiration from lots of different books I’ve been reading and come up with some ideas I really like:

  • Don’t automatically work at the normal hours, find hours that suit your customers and you.
  • Make your environment pleasing to increase your productivity.
  • Work shouldn’t be everything but while you’re there give it your all.
  • Go beyond the norm, be the linchpin for your company, in fact read Linchpin so you know what I’m on about.
  • If you won the lottery tomorrow and you didn’t go into work the next day, then you’re in the wrong job (can’t remember where I heard this but it’s clever advice).
  • Do your old job in a new way. Starting Monday think about doing things in a fresh, new way.
  • Making connections is really important, go for that drink with your co-workers.
  • Work from home when you can, take the opportunity away from distractions to focus.
  • Surround yourself with proof of actions that are completed, stick up you to-do notes that have been done.
  • Try and remember that (generally) noone is out to wind you up.
  • If you’re a dreamer/creative type, make friends with a doer and work together to make cool stuff happen!

This week, tell me what I’ve missed, the three things you plan to do more off or anything else that comes into you head in the comments below…

5 responses »

  1. John Bale says:

    Glad your back! So true about working the right hours! I seem to get all jobs done in the morning and then spend the evenings seeing what the world has done and scratching down ideas. I’m alsoa fan of the climbing break in the middle!

  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Hi John, thanks for the message. Got to love the climbing! I’m off to the Peak this very weekend 🙂

  3. John Bale says:

    Hey, Thats exciting! Im working here all weekend. Will be out on Stanage and Burbage across the weekend weather depending! Come and say hi if you see me!

  4. amydavies says:

    Beautiful and encouraging blog, I like reading things like this. Even if the next day I do go back to grumble mode. I’m reading a lot of magazines lately but I miss books. My problem is, the busier I’m getting, the harder I’m finding it to read on my commute (it just makes me want to sleep) so I have got into the unfortunate habit of watching TV or admitting defeat and catching up on forty winks.

    Always a huge stack of magazines in the bathroom though 😉


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