Last month I wrote a post about the 5 best social media files I had in my downloads folder. So I thought I’d continue the series with another group of great files I’ve been looking at over the last few weeks.

1. FREE! ebookling

This is a great site I’ve just found which offers lots of free content. I recently downloaded a handful (some of which I haven’t read yet), about minimalist living. Start with ebookling’s founder Colin Wright’s Personal Branding guide which gives you a thorough rundown on how to do it plus case-studies from his own life.

2. FREE! Elements of content strategy by Erin Kissane

Great little free ebook which emphasises the importance of planning your content strategy. It also goes through potential requirements on the path to content creation (i.e. wireframing, project planning).

3. FREE! Context Optional Guides

Site contains several different social media guides including: 10 Tips to Making a Great Facebook Application. They share some interesting case-studies from the likes of Clinique and Vitamin Water.

4. FREE! New Media Age

(or occasionally free if you know where to look)

Last week I got an invitation on my LinkedIn profile to download a free issue of New Media Age or as I think of it the ULTIMATE social media resource for the week. Usually you would have to subscribe to get this awesome industry content but currently they have social media offers popping out of their little ears. So for anyone not already doing so I’d recommend joining them and keeping an eye out.

Updated to add: Get a free social media special by joining the Facebook page (scoot down to March 11th)


5. FREE! Radian 6 monthly ebook

Social media monitoring company Radian 6 (known for tracking influencers) have a great blog and post a monthly ebook to download. The current issue (March 2011) looks at Defining and Measuring Influence.

+ + + FREE! A collection of random downloads that have proved useful for finance blogs:

  • Metrobank opening press release
  • inform: Your Council Tax- what’s in it for you
  • At a glance guide to the current medical standards of fitness to drive
  • 10 big numbers from the Commission for Rural Communities
  • HIV and life insurance: A consumer guide for gay men

As I’m going on a short sabbatical (between jobs) in April, I need you to help fill my time, so tell me, what have you downloaded recently?

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  1. Great collection here and many thanks for including Radian6 🙂


    Olivia | @livslandolt
    Marketing and Community Manager | Radian6

  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Thank you and no worries, it’s a great link. I know it’s already helped one person out.



  3. Great to hear that! We’re always happy to engage in social media related discussion and like to help where we can so feel free to reach out to us directly on Twitter as well.


  4. […] year ago I wrote a post called 5 more handy pdf downloads from my desktop, which has proved to be one of my most popular posts yet. So as you loved it so much I thought […]

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