The first in a series of reviews of tools that I use on a day-to-day basis. You can also find out about other tools I’ve previously written about in Reviews.  If you have a tool you’d like me to trial for you, then please let me know, I’m happy to give feedback.


Name: Twitter Counter


Free version includes:

  • Followers, Following, Tweets, Mixed (No. of statusses & fluctuations in followers)
  • Compare three users
  • Up to six months of data

Features of the Premium stats version ($15/month):

  • Followers, Following, Tweets, Mixed (No. of statusses & fluctuations in followers), Mentions, ReTweets, My ReTweets, My Mentions
  • Customised dashboard
  • Ability to track and compare statistics from up to 9 other accounts (can compare relative growth, total following, followers and tweets)
  • Widgets and buttons for your own site (please note I’ve not tested these)
  • Profile checker- looks at key considerations for your account
  • Data could may include all data, takes some time for them to acquire

My review:

I originally began working with the free version some months ago and found the charts very useful. Prior to discovering Twitter Counter I’d been recording statistics in an Excel spreadsheet and creating my own charts.

When we needed to do some research into ReTweets and ongoing follower numbers (changes within an hour/week/month) I decided to try out the pay-for version, and I must say for just $15 a month it’s pretty good (Tip: They ask you to set up a direct debit so put a reminder in your diary that renewal is due incase you want to cancel). It’s also fantastic for tracking competitors long-term.

I’d recommend trying out the free version first, it seems best suited to start-ups and mid-sized businesses who are starting to try and push their Twitter feeds a little more. I do sometimes find it slow to catch up and I don’t seem to be able to get it to track in GMT, but overall a good product, especially the free version. Very useful when you need to present a report.

Other reviews/news:

Which reminds me… if you’re not following me already get on Twitter and do so!

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  1. fromthestreet says:

    Interesting tool, thanks for sharing. The predictions seem quite extreme although over the last 3 days they have been correct, so maybe it is fairly accurate. How frequently do you monitor it and have you notice a big variance in the accuracy of your brand’s growth, or is it pretty spot on?

    • charlotteelizabethclark says:

      Hi fromthestreet,

      I check TwitterCounter every day for one reason or another though I do find sometimes it takes a while to load.

      It tends to give a good indication of growth, but it doesn’t take into account plateaus in followers that might be due to a temporary lack of interest in the content, or lack of attention to a certain account. The human factor still makes a big difference.

      For example for my brand it predicted back in November that by now we’d have 1,000 followers (check out @policyexpert on there). But presumably their prediction is related to the current growth trend continuing. That’s where I can step in and look at human factors:

      1. We have had no new product or site launch for six months.
      2. Twitter activity in general was sporadic over Christmas.
      3. The beginning of the year is the busiest for businesses (the majority of our followers).
      4. Our percentage increase compared to competitors is still reasonable.
      5. Brand competitors have been advertising more.

      But it also allows you to stop and think ‘so why have our follower numbers plateaued, and what can we do to spice things up?’ (Take a look at How to get more ReTweets for some ideas) of course this may take some time to implement as it goes through management.

      The biggest issue I see is that if you’re on a downward trend (i.e. one bad day) it won’t predict your followers will ever increase.

      Let me know how you find their predictions and thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Lan says:

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