Today I trawled through the vast cavern that is my ‘Downloads’ file in order to rediscover some real social media gems that I think are worth a second-glance. Of course there’s a wealth of social media information out there, and if you know a better download then feel free to mention it in the comments.

1. How to create amazing Facebook pages

by E-Consultancy

Outline: A guide to creating a successful Facebook page for a consumer-facing brand, with best and worst practice case-studies.

Two things to take away:

  1. Document where you start through screenshots and data collection.
  2. Add value to your content (entertain, support, inform, reward).

Tip: E-Consultancy documents like this PDF are behind a paywall, but I think their reports are essential for big brands. You can get 10% off of subscriptions by liking their Facebook page, but if you can’t afford a subscription you can read great pieces on their blog.

Additional link: E-Consultancy blog: Why people are really friending your brand on Facebook

2. Social Media Measurement and Intent Guide

by IAB

Outline: A guide to best practice and a defined measurement framework for social media created by the Internet Advertising Bureau. It includes several great benchmark examples from brands.

Two things to take away:

  1. Look at which key performance indicators you can measure to compare yourself against competitors and see your ROI.
  2. Consider how you could measure brand sentiment.

Tip: Although they’re primarily concerned with standards and guidelines, the IAB is a great resource for social media case-studies. It’s worth keeping an eye on their blog.

Additional link: The IAB’s Downloadable internet marketing handbooks.

3. The Science of ReTweets

by Dan Zarrella

Outline: An in depth analysis of ReTweets over a large period of time, looking at patterns and trends.

Two things to take away:

  1. The presence of a link in a tweet increases its ReTweet-ability.
  2. People are more likely to ReTweet from 3pm onwards.

Tip: To get the data you need to subscribe to his blog feed (he doesn’t send out spam). Dan’s data is slightly out of date now (2009) but you can look at his latest suggestions on his blog. Remember on Twitter what works for one won’t work for all.

I also mentioned this study in my post ‘How to get more ReTweets’.

Additional link: Dan Zarella’s blog: Articles Published in the Morning Shared More on Facebook.

4. Financial promotions using new media

by FSA

Outline: A short document by the Financial Services authority outlining their suggestions for brands in dealing with new media.

5. Local business one pager

by Twitter

Outline: A one page PDF on why small businesses should use Twitter.

What should I do next?

  • Annotate the PDFs in Preview (Tools>Annotate) and then email them to relevant team members.
  • Comment below with your own examples or just tell me what you took away from mine.
  • Create your own PDF sharing your knowledge and put it out on Twitter.
  • Download my ’50 social media tips for brands’ PDF and stick it on the wall.
  • Write your own fantastic blog post about what’s in your downloads folder.

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  1. Great round up – thanks for sharing.

    • charlotteelizabethclark says:

      No worries, glad you liked it. If you find any great docs be sure to add them.



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  3. Amazing this is a valuable site.

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