Hooray! It’s social media week in London.

Carrying on from parts one and two here are several posts I’ve found about social/e-commerce case-studies. Hope you find them inspirational…

14. Guest case-study: #SaveTheHogs

I thought it would be nice to share a case-study shared with me by one of my favourite Twitter followers. Martin Keane, Movement Builder (still love that job title) at OneKind explained to me how charities can use a hastag to create a web movement and rally like-minded individuals around a course:

“Twitter and Facebook allow us to respond to issues like the potential culling of the Red River Hogs by Edinburgh Zoo. It is cost effective and an action as simple as creating a hashtag (#savethehogs) and sharing it with supporters allows us to utilise our movement to help animals very quickly. That is something quite remarkable. The real ROI of social media is like the holy grail, for me I’ve never taken more satisfaction than knowing that those piglets were not going to be culled.”

Read all about it here: It’s a tweeting OneKind miracle

15. My Starbucks idea crowsourcing ideas

What  a great way to include your audience. Starbucks has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter, which has been widely reported. They’ve been putting their users ideas to good use and created a portal for them to vent their ideas. Presumably to keep the staffs inboxes clear 😉 They then put the ideas into a leaderboard and allow users to vote for them. They also use it as a great way to find more insight about their users through polls. Dead clever, though you’d expect that from the world’s biggest coffee-chain wouldn’t you?!

16. Eurostar launches social media campaign

Using a competition to draw people into creating videos for their website, bit sceptical about these kind of competitions, they’ve giving away a pair of tickets every fortnight but a) you have to make a video, eugh boring b) you have to get voted in. Wonder what numbers they get (This campaign is being running by We Are Social and RAPP).

I do love their sharing buttons though.

17. Why social media is perfect for The People’s Supermarket

All about a social shopping concept called The People’s Supermaket. Social media ties in really well with their brand concept. It’s also on Channel 4 at the moment.

18. Body Shop’s Facebook page

Recently pointed out to me because of their fantastic offers The Body Shop’s Facebook page is one of the better ones I’ve seen recently. It’s a brand that has a very loyal fanbase which shows from the fantastic comments they receive. They also thank people for their comments which is very important. They’ve also got three different tab campaigns which will help bring audiences back after the initial ‘like’.

Slightly unfortunate choice of picture (or is it just me?)

One to watch…

19. Morrisons getting into e-commerce

At the end of January Brand Republic announced that Morrison’s was soon to launch their e-commerce plans. You can currently add items to a virtual shopping list but other than that they’ve slacked off in the competition with other shopping brands like Tesco. They may have missed the boat but by standing back they will have been able to see the problems on the boat ahead of them when they set sail (so to speak). Will be interesting to see what they do.

Six more case-studies to check out…

20. How Kraft’s Face-Scanning Tech Will Tell You What You Like to Eat

21. Mattel launches digital campaign aiming to reunite Barbie and Ken

22. Interactive football apps

23. Peugeot creates cross-media mystery campaign for Envy range

24. Social cooking sites

25. Google Art Project Is Street View for Galleries and Museums

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