I’ve created a Twitter list of some of the people Rory Cellan-Jones interviews in the programme, so you can follow them. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone so I can keep it up-to-date.

Here are some notes from Episode Two….

Bebo creators: Michael and Xochi Birch

  • Originally worked as contrators for insurance companies in London
  • Taught himself internet programming
  • MySpace largest website by time-spent in the US
  • Thought it was a great site but not the best product
  • Emailed all their friends, grew organically
  • Nov/Dec 2005 it tipped
  • Popularity misunderstood by parents
  • Bullying out of proportion compared to the ‘real’ world
  • Tried to be part of the solution
  • Sold to AOL


  • Originally designed for LA party people
  • Never able to handle the load of sites
  • Site allowed personalisation but it made the loading slower
  • All over mobile devices
  • 3rd site in the US
  • American campuses want utilitarian sites

Campus Network: Wayne Ting

  • Columbia University community
  • Bring the school closer together
  • Played around with Friendster
  • Launched with photo-sharing, came to FB later
  • 70-80% of Columbia on website in first few months
  • Open to Ivy League school then build up
  • Too slow to develop
  • Simplicity of Facebook won

Facebook: David Kirkpatrick (The Facebook Effect), Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Cox, Dave Morin

  • Originally called ‘The Facebook’
  • Students at colleges
  • Mark planned big, idea was applicable to everyone
  • Founding team moved to California
  • Wasn’t a medium
  • Worst reaction to a change was the newsfeed (launched September 2006)
  • Usage told Facebook that people were interested
  • Mark ‘projects the sense that he’s in the future’
  • Dave Morin: Zuckerberg Focusses on the plan
  • Turned down purchases for Facebook
  • Will only sell when he gets a lower offer than previously
  • Specific ad targeted to cheerleaders ‘Hollerback girl’ by Gwen Stefani
  • Future depends on knowing everything about their users
  • Need to interconnect social TV
  • Facebook not used by students where it was created, time for something new?

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