In part one I discussed several of my favourite social media case studies, so in part two I thought I’d collate articles by other people about social media ideas that have been coming out of the woodwork for the last few months.

7. Expedia to hand Facebook page over to fans

In brief: From February to March, Australian travel website Expedia is crowd-sourcing administration of their Facebook page and offering a cash prize for the best idea? (not exactly clear from the article). Also mentions a bad campaign by Travel Republic. 

8. A New Twist on Offering Savings Through Social Media

In brief: Includes some interesting statistics about sharing buttons for e-commerce on the Abe’s Market site, showing a 900% increase in product orders!

9. Booya! Latest Wall Street Innovation — Twitter Trading

In brief: Wall Street is using information on “pubic mood” gleaned from social networks/the web to predict trends in the stock market and give them an edge.

10. Restaurants Reach Out to Customers With Social Media

In brief: Restaurants in the US are using geo-locational social sites to provide discounts and spread news. They use Buffalo Wild Wings as an example.

and here are 3 more sites with great social media functions…

Etsy bear gets social

11. Etsy gift finder share function

I love the Etsy site for it’s content, it’s principles and because they have some brilliant widgets and apps. One of these is their excellent Gift Ideas page. This pulls in details about your Facebook friends to find the perfect gift for them. The only downside I found was that my friends are very internet savvy and don’t share very much information, but it’s a nice idea none-the-less.

12. Qwiki crowdsourcing

I’ll probably write a blog post on this later in the month, but the basic idea is to crowd-source slideshows about any topic. Take insurance for example. If you look up insurance there’s a basic speech overlay taken from a wiki and it pulls in images from the web. You can correct the language and add videos or images. I would imagine users would add more to slideshows about celebrities and trending topics.

13. Huffington ‘READ WHOLE’ Post

This site’s always up-to-date with their social sharing ideas, and although this example isn’t just about social media I still think it’s one way to encourage people to read more.

Now when you hover over an article it gives you a chance to read an article brief. This is really smart because it shows you how many people have shared and engaged with an article.

If you have a great example or work for a brand that has a fantastic social media idea add it below to share the case-study love.

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