I’ve been working on this piece for a while, and will continue to do so for the following parts of the saga. Anyway, here are six of the best social media case studies I know. Take a look and add your own at the bottom of the page.


1. ASOS Life

Fantastic example of an aggregated social media page, I really love their focus on their community, and the simple design. As it’s such a big community they had an advantage already, as I’d imagine they’ll get a lot of content. Really interesting way of putting the different areas together.

2. Domino’s Pizza

Their attitude to Facebook is spot on, Domino’s encourages participation with shiny applications that are integrated on their page. I’ve talked a lot about their campaigns before (See here) and I know they have more budget than a lot of companies out there but they’re still coming up with the goods.

The IAB guide to Brand Building Through Creativity quotes Arena Quantum who worked with Domino’s:

“The growth in fans since these social media strategies were put in place has been phenomenal, and it’s had a direct impact on the bottom line.”

(The IAB have some great examples of people using social media in innovative ways, well worth a look)

3. Marks and Spencers

Good ol’ M&S are bang up to date with their regularly updated Facebook page. They also let people air their views, however bad. They share great offers and their Facebook page is doing fantastically well. They’ve also just launched a campaign with O2 to offer free smoothies.

4. Warby-Parker

Sells glasses (and monocles) online. It’s one of the New York Times favourite examples of e-commerce. There are other British opticians utilising technology though, like Specsavers‘ digital mirror and Vision Express.

5. Debenhams

Back in 2009 Debenhams used Twitter assistants to aid in the sales process. The aim was to support the sale by finding items for customers and providing information as required. They garnered a lot of criticism from the online world, who deemed that Debenham’s clientele would not be on Twitter. But what a fantastic idea. They then got Jasper Conran onto Twitter to answer questions.

6. Mint.com

At work we’re really inspired by Mint.com and regularly look to their blog for inspiration. Jason Putorti (an ex lead designer for Mint.com) cites it as one of the biggest reasons for their commercial success in a Quora post. He adds that by writing very relevant and content-rich posts they were able to become a top personal finance blog and drive traffic to the site. I’d particularly recommend looking at their infographics, which get huge traction on Twitter.

Other great web case-studies:

Revealed: Twitter’s top 29 under 29 as voted (and valued) by you

How not to use Twitter: HabitatUK as a case study

Starbucks Digital Network: Free, Exclusive In-Store Content Courtesy of Yahoo, iTunes & More

Eleven great social media marketing examples to steal ideas from

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  1. charlotteelizabethclark says:


    Asos are currently building a Facebook E-Commerce page. Fantastic idea! You can find more about it on Brand Republic: http://www.brandrepublic.com/news/1050074/asos-open-facebook-store/

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  3. Mark Evans says:

    Great resource – thanks for putting it together.

  4. […] on from parts one and two here are several posts I’ve found about social/e-commerce case-studies. Hope you […]

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