Today I received an email from Flowtown, a fantastically well-designed blog which I follow the RSS feed of. They’re also a social media marketing platform for businesses Last week I signed up to hear about the new Flowtown as soon as it’s finished, it’s not yet ready but they sent me a pleasant email about a new tool they’ve designed called Timely. Here are some first impressions:

What is Timely?

Timely is a simple tweet scheduler. It has a bookmarklet too so you can put posts into Timely as you need to. I tried it out.

How do you use Timely?

You add a tweet to their clever machine and it schedules it to be tweeted at the point where it’ll have the maximum impact. I don’t know myself how they decide this, it may depend on certain metrics of your Twitter account, build a picture of your community over time (which would mean continuing to use it) or just lots of research by the Flowtown team. I’d love to find out.

So far, how does it compare to other Twitter schedulers out there?

I tend to schedule my tweets using TweetDeck (or occasionally Hootsuite). These tools allow me to easily take content from the streams of those I follow or search streams or from elsewhere on the web (copy and paste job). With these tools I set the time. Timely does it differently, they decide when’s best to put out your tweet. They also have a limit on them, I managed to schedule just three tweets for today. That’s very few for my work account. This might prove a problem for big brands.

How can businesses use Timely?

I would suggest, on my initial impressions, that you should use timely for you own content, and re/tweet other peoples content as and when you see it. The published tab lets you know how many retweets and responses you get from your  scheduled tweet and what your total reach was.

For now I’m going to continue experimenting and see if Flowtown’s new tools really does let you schedule tweets at the best time.


But I’d like to know, if you schedule tweets which tool do you use? And what have you learnt about tweeting at certain times of day?

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