James Box

This is the second post in a series on the NMA Live conference last week. You can see my previous post about Mariana Da Silva’s talk here. My second post is on James Box’s case study of Channel 4’s new news pages.

Although he didn’t talk in too much detail about the specifics I’ve drawn together his ideas on on using collaborative design to make a better customer experience and get team’s working together on the design concepts. And, as he was talking about sketching, I’ve made my notes into a pretty little brainstorm:

Notes from James Box on User Experience

I’m pleased to say that James mentioned several ideas from the workshops that made it into the finished page. These included the Channel 4 Twitter hubs.

Channel 4 sketches

If you like what James was saying you could buy his book, he’s also on Twitter and has a great Delicious list (good to see a 99percent.com link there).

Today’s question is: Do you sketch or write out your ideas? Or do you prefer working on the computer?

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  1. Tom Harle says:

    I prefer to loosely sketch out ideas first in my notepad, either rough wireframes or bullet points, before moving onto the computer- it’s quicker and there’s a lot more allowance for mis-aligned grids and boxes. Once I’m on the computer I find I’m too busy lining things up and thoroughly annotating to step back and consider the pages overall. Then it’s quite nice to move to and fro between the Mac and my notepad once the initial ideas are down.


  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Like it, I work in a similar way when I have times. Notes and structure on a notepad and then write-up on Word. Although sometimes with my blog I type straight to it, think it flows better sometimes. Thanks for the comment Tom!

  3. […] thought I’d write the third post (part 1, part 2) in my series on last Friday’s New Media Age live in bullet points, to suit those who love […]

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