I’ve recently been writing a series of posts about women who are working in or using social media. The first being based on the Harvard Business Review study of 2009 (that suggested men ‘rule’ Twitter) So I thought it might be nice to share a quick list of 9 female tweeters that I follow and I think you should follow too. So in no particular order (and in their own words):

3 social media starletts


“Social Media Expert Consultant, and Adjunct Associate Professor Creative Industries.”


“Writer and arts journalist, WOM evangelist, social media hippie, culture vulture, London lover, countryside rambler and gin hag.”


“Founder of comms agency Red Cube Marketing, integrating marketing, pr and social media. Optimist, conversationalist and occasional alchemist.”

3 financial babes


“Financial journalist, Tube obsessive, City magazine grad. Editorial assistant @moneywiseonline”


“Web journalist @thisismoney. Insurance, credit and loans, consumer (inc energy bills, travel & money saving) Plus all areas of personal finance.”


“Financial journalist and kitten lover. rebecca.rutt@moneyobserver.com”

3 saucy strumpets

@girlonetrack (whose book I’m reading at the moment)

“Girl With A One Track Mind: Author, blogger, geek.”


“I am Britain’s first female porn director Anna Span and ex Lib Dem candidate for Gravesham. Currently studying a PhD in Gender Studies…oh, and running Easyote”


“Single 30something. Sex blogger. Black woman. Author, American expat. I host the UK’s #1 SEX podcast. Download for FREE on iTunes.”

I’m still on the lookout for any information on women in social media so if you know of any great articles or stats (especially for the UK) be sure to let me know!

Who should I follow (boys or girls or brands) tell me below….

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  1. Tara says:

    Some of my fave social media ladies to follow are:


    I’m sure there’s more… xxx

  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Awesome Tara, I’ll be sure to follow. I’ve got so many more than this, but I could go on forever, and I never think people will take note of too many.



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