Following on from my review of Rock Melt a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to highlight one of my favourite parts of the browser, the bookmarking bar (see screen-shot of mine right). Now I’ve never been particularly great at bookmarking, I don’t have the most organised filing system. But as regular link-tweeting has become part of my role I’ve found it harder to remember the addresses of blogs I like to share on a regular basis.

Three months ago I started to save bookmarks about social media on Delicious or you can see my latest Delicious bookmarks on my blog’s sidebar (I love links). It’s great to have the individual articles I’ve enjoyed all saved in one place, and proves my ongoing interest in social media to potential employers. But it require a little more effort to go through.

I think the RockMelt bar will be a really useful way of keeping an eye on sites I use regularly. Of course it’s taking time to get the right mixture of sites but I think the visual ‘chicklet’ idea is really great.

So now I’ve had a few weeks on it I’ll explain how I’ve chosen which accounts to follow. My favourite blogs/RSS feeds all have at least two of these attributes:

  • Regular posters
  • Engaging blogs
  • Relevant material
  • Well-written
  • Great designs with little interfering advertising
  • People I’m working with or talk to regularly

This isn’t to say there aren’t more blogs I love but here’s my current Rock Melt list:

FreshNetworks/{Grow}/Birds on the Blog/Boing Boing/Brand Republic/Wuup/Flowtown/Barry Furby/We Know Business/The Social Web/Media140 Worldwide/The Cube/ Girl Outdoors/Seth Godin

In conclusion, it’s a really useful tool for social media managers and anyone keeping track of a large number of blogs on a daily basis. Just make sure the blog you subscribe to has an RSS feed, so go try it out!

So my question today is which blogs do you follow and how?

(Get involved below)

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