Just a quick roundup of my event tweets, more to come over the next week. You can see all of the related tweets here.

  • Only 30% of brands in IAB use social media for customer service, says @synthesio
  • Orange pointing customers to FAQs saves call centre money (15 less inquiries a month) and benefits site SEO. Great thinking!
  • Surely insurance brands are both ‘boring’ and functional? How do we overcome dull corporate buzz without viral icon like Meerkat?
  • Coverage of Google alerts could be less than 10% of a SMM company. Great argument for paid-for monitoring.
  • Did Carphone Warehouse suggest that employee chat isn’t important or doesn’t occur? Surely your team has the working best understanding of the brand?
  • Robin Grant at #msm10 Can you deal with all inquiries from HQ? Think global and regional < hidden costs of social http://yfrog.com/09ykyij
  • MD of We Are Social understands technology is useless without people behind it creating reports and analysis http://yfrog.com/euq42yj
  • Don’t be like the Madmen you can’t dictate your brand’s image.
  • Permission based marketing is so much more relevant. Email those who want to engage don’t spam lists of people!

    Carphone Warehouse speaking at #msm10

  • 14% people don’t trust ads 78% people trust friends recommendation 51% bought after seeing online recommendation (US stats)
  • Tap into emotional response on SM by looking at likes, shares, RTs and user reviews < least obvious stream but incredibly important!
  • Consider words: ‘wicked’ good for skateboarders bad for financial companies < Great speaker from Integrascohttp://yfrog.com/14abkdj
  • If our followers take one thing away from #msm10 it should be that in order to ENGAGE you MUST monitor social sites for brand mentions.
  • Number of lovers corresponded to influence on the king. Cheeky example from days of yor shown by Facchini.http://yfrog.com/eqe08hj
  • Machines are getting smarter but a real person needs to be driving the tool. Ask the right questions about your data stream.

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