Apologies for the long title. I’ve put together some notes for businesses from the Techmap Not For Profit conference. The speakers were all fantastic and I had a really nice day making connections and drinking plenty of tea. Of course I’m looking at the social media advice for charities from the perspective of a profitable brand. But lots of the same rules apply. Here are my initial thoughts on lovely cheerful orange notepaper (It’s almost an infographic!)

Key points:

  • Remember your audience and their needs
  • Put humans in your campaign and design strategies that target the people you want to buy your products
  • Be authentic, don’t just discuss what’s comfortable
  • Remember the recommendation economy
  • Get your users to create content
  • Engagement doesn’t happen overnight
  • Empower your staff
  • Find your focus
  • Find a way to capture people in the emotional moment
  • Use case studies to prove return on investment for the doubters
  • It’s not about who you are it’s about what you do

The ongoing conversation can be followed on #Techforgood

2 responses »

  1. Hey Charlotte

    Thanks for sharing these – love the info graphic style note taking!

    Thanks also for the ref to the Recommendation Economy – hope you found yesterday helpful

    You can find more about the recommendation economy series here: http://jamespoulter.co.uk/category/rec-economy/

  2. charlotteelizabethclark says:

    Thanks for the comment James, really enjoyed your presentation. Love this concept that we’re renting our lives, I do love Spotify Premium it’s a great service (check me out becoming a brand advocate ;D)

    All the best,


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