Another New Media Age Live session was held this morning. You may have seen my tweet on the magazine advert last week. Yes I really did look at the NMA live Twitter feed all lunch, I’m a massive Twitter addict!

The latest series is the masterclass on The Future of Online Display Advertising. Guest speakers included the UK commercial director of Facebook Stephen Haines, Tim Hussain of Sky and Bruce Daisley of Youtube. What a fantastic cast. This afternoon their all off in smaller sessions, so for those who weren’t there here’s a list of tweets from this mornings events. All great points but I also found some new fantastic Tweeps to follow among the people mentioned below:

@BrassAgency More than 1/3 of all Display Ad Impressions are published on Social Media sites #nmalive [AK]

@RokkInternet Brand no longer what we tell consumers its what consumers tell each other it is – Scott Cook #P&G #nmalive

@Lynden2883 #Starbucks has the largest following on #facebook 18,000,000 globally- #nmalive

@Michael_Barnett Potential EU online privacy laws could have huge impact on ad targeting, says Mirror’s digital head @PaulHood at #Nmalive

@BrassAgency Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook only works if people are friends with ‘real’ friends so that recommendations are truely powerful #nmalive [AM]

@nmalive “The saviour of commoditization is data” #nmalive

@Lynden2883 Be aware of same category differences in targeting… i.e. Car enthusiasts not necessarily car buyers – #nmalive

@RokkInternet Cisco predict in 2013 Video will be 90% of web traffic #nmalive

@BrassAgency You Tube currently testing allowing users to SKIP ads. WIll give learnings as what makes a good/bad ad #nmalive [AM]

@JonathanJKay 43 million words typed into the tippex hunter/bear YouTube vid on first day #nmalive

@anil_lamba Cadbury making £3.71 for every £1 spent on promoted video (via @JanaWheeler) #nmalive #in

@BrassAgency Ocado – £15 mill in transactions within 1st few dyas of releasing app #nmalive [AM]

@nmalive Mobile is immediate, personal, its your second shadow. Mobile is always with you. this represents huge potential for advertisers #nmalive

@beccacaddy My most frequent rant is about lack of this: “retailers should have a basic mobile site with addresses of all stores” Tim Hussain #nmalive

@BrassAgency Rich media on mobile; interaction possibilities much more exciting with touch screen versus click of a mouse. Get creative! #nmalive [AM]

@nmalive Intergration is key to success. Make sure mobile features in your campaigns- Advice from Tim Hussain at #nmalive

@nmalive A picture represents 1000 words, this is why video content is so successful- Tim Hussain #nmalive

@SearchIgnite Don Draper the most popular man in digital advertising at the moment! #nmalive @nmalive

@nmalive The affiliate mindset- Willingness to take risks, Results focussed, Innovatory and Entrepreneurial #nmalive

@BrassAgency The rise of the 3rd screen is really the 1st screen – end of 2010 5 billion mobile handsets owned #nmalive [AM]

@PaulHood …and @mattb811 sums it up nicely : “Data is the new oil” fantastic morning at #nmalive. Great prezzo Matt

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