Just a short post to highlight a tip I found immensely useful.

As you may have noticed my little blog has the look and feel of something from 1999 (A fine vintage). But what you might not know is that I did this on purpose. I was sat watching my Twitter feed one day and up popped a gem of advice that a believe was in reference to website development (why did I only just start favouriting tweets?). The advice went along the lines of the following:

Launch in beta!

(I’d write it in red for emphasis but  scarlet tones make me angry)

Now at Uni I was taught to re-read and rewrite until my copy was perfect, but folks you may have noticed my subediting is somewhat below par. Nevertheless I tried my hardest, and found unfortunately it limited my writing style. My work read like it was written by a robot on speed. Then one day my tutor told me that my best writing came from my blog (incarnation number 3). With my blog my writing was freed up. I was able to be short, expressive and somehow I could suddenly grasp the conversational tone I lacked in my article-writing. I’d recommend anyone try writing solely on the WordPress dashboard or within their chosen blogging platform.

So after six months writing very little for my blog (it seemed like such a chore) I decided to get back to it. Strip it down to the bare minimum, hence the lame design, and just publish publish publish! Eventually I’ll add more colour, photos etc. but the important thing for my writing mind is to keep going.

And I’d recommend getting on with it and just publishing to anyone. Write for yourself and if anyone doesn’t like it they can buzz off. There is no perfect time, you could spend six months on something and it won’t necessarily be any better than if you spent six minutes. Plus writing something as short as a blog post is a fantastic way to practice your writing for finer articles, essays, books and who knows what else!

So have a little self-faith and…

Just Publish!

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