This week I’ve been looking at the presence of American Insurers on Facebook. I thought I’d share my top three pages with you and explore why they’re so popular.


This page goes straight into the Facebook wall which I think is a shame because they could be directing people to some of the creative content on the other tabs. The main drive of the page seems to be the companies military connections, something they play on greatly. There’s a tab entitled ‘Share USAA’ in which you can find out if you’re eligible to participate. There’s also another tab containing a secure application called ‘My USAA’ which allows you to manage your account, pay bills etc. This whole section sits above the page break making it easily readable and clear. Using a graphic is also visually attactive and seems to reoccur on successful pages.  Content-wise they’ve kept it quite simple. The brand is ‘fans’ of relevant pages and they share useful links several times a day.

107,342* people like this


Geico’s page like ‘Compare the Meerkat’ is very mascot-oriented. They use their branding to push the product. Their tabs include ‘Geico’ which shows their commercials. Twitter feeds, polls and ‘Gift a gecko’ which essentially shares the brand around the Facebook platform. The ‘Geico Athlete’s’ tab connects the brand with sports like motor-racing and golf. This gives them a different edge, again they also push the Twitter account (yay!). Their high number of followers makes me think they’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of their followers. The content is attractive although scrolling down the page is a little tedious. They don’t seem to react well to people’s comments though, which is definitely an area in which they should improve. No-one needs bad publicity from users.

73,510* people like this

State Farm Insurance

This site is the only one in my top three to really utilise the game facility. They also advertise their iPhone app on one tab, post videos of adverts on another and update their wall every couple of days. Although this page is popular I do wonder what extra value their adding for their users once the game facility has closed down (as it now has). I do like their short info section, I don’t think people would enjoy reading anything much longer.

25,847* people like this

I looked at lots of other American insurance pages in my investigations and it seems that a combination of tabs for games, charity pages and talking about products seems to work best. It’s clear how important un-Facebook-like design is to make you stand out from other pages. The tabs that sent content lower than the break also seemed frustrating and I wonder if it would be worth asking users about this?

*Numbers taken on the 27/09/2010

Nice PDF graph of American Insurers on Facebook

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